RAPMAS PMS 7 is a pressure mether system, designed to determinate pressure on two measuring points. Also, with an included software is possible to measure the differential pressure.

  • LCD screen for both sensors
  • 10-meter cable between measuring point and device
  • 0 – 7 Bar range
  • Alarm function on local PC, eMail, web site, SSH client
  • System for measuring logging over CSV file, web site, database, SSH client
  • Integrate web server in RAPMAS PMS
  • Calculation for hydrodynamical pressure
  • Software support for units in bar, PSI, Pascal, Atmosphere (technical and standard), mmHg, etc
  • Powered over USB cable
  • Support on Windows 10

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With a RAPMAS PMS 7, You can measure with high precision the pressure on two different points. The values of the measurement are presented on an LCD. With RAPMAS PMS software, You can also calculate a differential of these two pressure values. Also, a huge number of additional functions can make Your life easily.

The pressure sensors can be used in a non-corrosive environment for air and liquid systems. With a long cable is easy to track the pressure in systems where the measuring point and the reading point are far away from each other, like control rooms, water plants, agriculture irrigation systems, etc.

RAPMAS PMS software is a strong platform for data acquisition and distribution. Can be easily configured to collect and store measured pressure in a different format and to different platforms such a database, Linux/Unix programs, etc. The software can show the pressure values in different units, on a scale, graphic, and numerical base. Sending alarms in a case of too low or to high pressure can be done over email, web, SSH, and other ways.