Regulation, Automatisation, Process control, and Measuring Analysis Systems

About us

An industrial revolution continues to conquest all the aspects of production. Our mission is to provide the best tools, devices, and software for Regulation, Automatisation, Process control, and Measuring Analysis Systems. Exact determination and reliable communication is a base for all SCADA and IIoT systems. RAPMAS solutions are used in all day production environments to control processes in chemical, food, agricultural and electric industries. The integration of fast sensors with advanced measuring devices in a scalable analyzing system can significantly increase the efficiency in the production environment.
Long years in system design have shown us how important is to support engineers, technicals, and IT experts to cooperate in task-oriented work. A systematical approach in the design of SCADA and IIoT environment can save a lot of energy and working hours in small and mid-size companies, where is the need for quick adaptation in the productional system from high importance.
The regulation and automatization in complex situations can be done with our regulation devices. With our high-quality components and software, You can build a comprehensive unit for almost every task. We are ready to serve the best support for our products and can rapidly respond to any software change of special function that will solve Your special needs. Your request for a solution to a special problem is our opportunity to show a competitive solution in real life. Feel free to contact us is You have any questions about our product or services.

Grow Your Business with the scalability of a SCADA and innovation of IIoT from the first step to mass production.


Controlling a process with our regulation systems is the best way to assure high replayability at a low price.


The business can't wait so increase productivity with our scalable automatization systems.

Process control

With our process control systems, You can always grow just in time and in the direction that a business needs.


Exact determination and high assurance at the measurements are the main criteria by creating our sensor arrays and devices.


We have the best systems to know what happened, why, and how so You can always check and know how fast can Your business grow.


The integration of different sensors and control devices in a reliable system in a Linux and Windows environment is our challenge to make Your business better.