Cookie Policy

Cookies are small textual files that are stored on the customer’s computer. It is generated by our Content Management System and is served from our Web server. It is stored in the client’s browser cash and contains some textual data that identify the customer while he is on our page.

The main purpose of using cookies is to function the online shop. RAPMAS always tries to minimize the usage of cookies.

RAPMAS uses cookies, that help You to add some products to the cart and to make checkout. Also, our financial partner for payment procession uses cookies. We use the Stripe payment system to accept payment at Your checkout. Stripe collects Your information according to Your credit card. RAPMAS has no information about Your credit card, so we can’t store this data by us.

Our system store information about Your order. The main goal to do this is to have the information in a case of reclamation and to have statistical information about our selling. We don’t sell the information collected by selling to any other parties. The only one case where we give information about one order to another is in case of suspected illegal activity.