In a modern world of SCADA and IIoT is a propper software a key for effective and flexible production. Our software solutions are scalable and can guaranty a high availability of a service. We support Windows and Linux/*BSD operation systems, also web-based solutions. Depending on Your needs we can change our software and provide You additional functions in a short time frame.

Integration within the existing infrastructure is easily possible because of the high flexibility of our products. No matter do You need just one sensing information, a whole sensor cluster or even to digitalize an analog process, we can support You and provide our experience and competence.

An efficient expansion requires continuous support regardless of the company size or task complicity. We support small businesses and beginners to realize his projects from a small testing environment over a first production system to the automatized production. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests and we will do our best to serve You a reliable solution.