8-channel relay shield with Arduino Pro Mini 5 12 24VDC power supply module


Technical description:
– 8-channel relay shield
– DC input 5 to 30VDC, minimal 2A at 5V od 0.5A at 30V
– triggering by MCU HIGH/LOW directly to ULN2803
– triggering by MCU I2C with MCP23008
– LED signalization of relays, PSU, and shield
– Arduino Pro Mini with ATMeaga328p included

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This module is made to drive 8 independent relays with an Arduino Pro Mini. Its power supply unit has a wide range of inputs, from 5VDC to 30VDC, to power the relays and the Arduino Pro Mini. It can be used in solar systems, cars, trucks, industry, etc. The relays can be triggered by setting the pin from Arduino Pro Mini to HIGH. Also, on the relay shield is an I2C bridge, with the MCP23008 connected to ULN2803, so You can also use the I2C protocol to drive the relays.
The price is the Arduino Pro Mini with ATMeaga328p included.

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