BasicTimer 4X


BasicTimer 4X is a timing control and monitoring system packaged in a DIN rail case. The 4 channel relays can be configured in independent and cyclic operations.

  • LCD with a blue backlight
  • DIN-rail mount, use 6 module spaces
  • 4 channels, 2 working modes (independent and cyclic repetition)
  • Software with multiple languages
  • Power over 220VAC and USB
  • Shipping from the EU (Austria or Croatia, depending on store availability)


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BasicTimer 4X is a bundle of hardware and software, designed for time-based switching on 4 channels. Intervals of working and pause time can be configured for each channel separately from 1 second to 1 year.

The device supports two working modes: independent and cyclic repetition. In the independent mode, the relays turn on and off, independently of each other. In a cyclic repetition, the relays turn on and off in order 1. 2. 3. and 4. relay.

A detailed operational guide can be read on the wiki page, and the configuration and monitoring software can be downloaded here.