BluePill STM32F103 DIN rail adapter


BluePill STM32F103 to 2.54 header and 5.01 screw terminal connections on DIN rail. Extra pins:

  • 2 X I2C
  • 2 X SPI
  • 3 X UART
  • CAN
  • 106 pin breadboard 10×16

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This adapter is made to provide a 2.54 header and terminal connections to a BluePill STM32F103 on a DIN Rail. All pins are labeled and marked, on the BluePill side and the header and terminal screw side. Moreover, there is also one additional 2X20 Pin 2.54 header.
Next extensions are present on board:

– I2C1 (SDA1-PB9, SCL1-PB8)
– I2C2 (SDA2-PB10, SCL2-PB11)
– SPI1 (MOSI1-PB5, MISO1-PB4, SCK1-PB3, SS1-PA15)
– SPI2 (MOSI2-PB15, MISO2-PB14, SCK2-PB13, SS2-PB12)
– UART1 (TX1-PA9, RX1-PA10)
– UART2 (TX2-PA2, RX2-PA3)
– UART3 (TX3-PB10, RX3-PB11)
– Breadboard, 10×16 (160p) holes with a 2.54 mm distance

Size: 100 × 66 mm

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