This device is made to measure and control a distance with a laser beam in a non-visible spectrum (940 nm). It uses a VL53L0X Time-of-Flight (ToF) laser-ranging module to determine the distance between the object and the sensor. The effective measurement range is about 1200mm (1.2 meters).
Measured data is presented on a big 2.9″ LCD. The panel can be mounted in a hole with a dimension of 97 x 72mm, and use 220VAC for power. The sensor cable is 1 meter in length.

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It has two relays that can be independently configured in 3 modes:
– activate the relay if the distance is below a defined range
– activate the relay if the distance is above a defined range
– not in use
There are two alarming sources, independent of each other:
– visual alarm, where the blue backlight of the LCD is blinking
– audio alarm, where a beeper generates the alarm sound

The device can be used to:
– control distance
– monitor and alarm distance
– measure and write to CSV file a distance change in time to PC

Technical parameters:
Sensor: VL53L0X Time-of-Flight (ToF) laser-ranging
Range: 10 – 1200 mm
Resolution: 1 mm
Accuracy: ±3%
Sensor cable length: 1 meter
LCD size: 2.9″
Power: 220VAC
Mount: Panel mount in the hole
Hole size: 97 x 72mm
Number of relays: 2
Maximal switching power: 10A at 220VAC

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