Raspberry Pi Pico DIN box 4 relays, buzzer 220VAC power


Technical description:
Mount: DIN rail
Number of relays: 4
Relay driver: ULN2803 Darlington array
Power supply: 220VAC
Raspberry Pi Pico power supply: 5VDC to VSYS, from 7805 voltage regulator
Size: 116 x 90 x 66mm

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This box is designed to use on DIN rails for projects with the Raspberry Pi Pico. It has its own 220VAC power supply with a 7805 voltage regulator, and the Raspberry Pi Pico will be powered with 5VDC on a VSYS pin.
On the board are installed 4 relays, to switching and one buzzer for alarming. Also, there are two 4-pin connectors, one JST-XH, and one KF301-4P terminal block, with a standard 2.54 male pinout, to connect external sensors. To drive the relays, just connect the pinout on board to the Raspberry Pi Pico header and set it to HIGH or LOW.

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